Vilmart & Cie

"Winemaking is a succession of decisions. You need patience, humility and intuition. The real master is nature, not us. "

Laurent Champs
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In connoisseur circles, Vilmart & Cie are often called mini-Krug. But they no longer require this reference point. The signs of greatness are the champagnes themselves. Vilmart makes authentic wines that reflect the terroir of the 11 hectares of Premier Cru in Rilly-la-Montagne, in Montagne de Reims. Fifth-generation winemaker Laurent Champs has been at the helm since 1989, and for more than 30 years he has never used herbicides in his vineyards. “We do our best to what nature provides us, which is the most important. Like a painting or sculpture, the artist takes raw material and he creates a piece of art—and it’s the same with grapes,” says the winemaker. Champs is known for his mastery of the use of wood, which he believes is “a good servant but a bad master.” Avoiding malolactic fermentation, Vilmart & Cie champagnes are favored for their brisk acidity and fantastic aging potential. Vilmart Collections will feature Emotion—one of the region’s finest rosé champagnes—as well as the prestigious Coeur de Cuvée, which will be available in bottle and in magnum, a favorite for collectors since the champagne is fermented in a larger format and creates a complexity you wouldn’t see in a regular bottle.

collection launches September 6, 2021