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PA to the CEO


Valeria is the PA of our Founder.

After her studies, she moved her first working step for a fashion company in the US.

Back to Italy, she started her professional path alongside CEOs, MDs, Founders.

Business partner with extensive experience, committed to high profile C-Level support with more than 15 years through different industries with expertise in Events management and Human Resources.

She has held the positions in the publishing, events, digital and fashion fields, Valeria is flexible to tailor her skills to meet the needs of various businesses, from start-up to multinational companies.

She feels comfortable in dynamic environments and with challenging projects.

Based in Milan, runs away from the city as soon as she can. With her traveller spirit and passion for the sea believes that sailing it’s simply peace of mind.

“Raise your glasses”, she says “there is always a reason to celebrate!”