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Vice President


Born in 1967, manager, musician and wine lover. Of classical culture and training, he always demonstrates a great passion for art, literature and music that led him to teaching at the University of Music, in Umbria, together with the great Italian lyricist Giulio Rapetti aka Mogol. At the same time he attended several courses in executive management at SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan and then he moved to the logistics sector, joining SDA Corriere Espresso as Special Projects Director and then becoming a member of the Board of Directors. He combined the method and rigor in the processes learned in logistics with pure creativity by providing consultancy services in the e-commerce and digital transformation, working for years as Marketing Strategist Advisor for the development and internationalization in the Luxury-fashion sector for companies such as Tod’s Group, Ferretti Group and Gilmar. The love of the world of wine leads him to carry out marketing and personalization projects, creating his own brand and producing international cultural events for promotion of italian wines, as in the case of the successful format “The Wine Challenge – La Disfida “(two editions) and” Convivium “. It combines the passion for the world of wine with past and present, artistic and management, as an harmonic “assembly”. Today he is working for Crurated as Vice President and Managing Director for Italy.