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  /    /  PAOLO SFORZA

Chief Commercial Officer


Born and raised in sunny Puglia, Paolo is a passionate, goal-oriented and enthusiastic leader with 15+ years of experience in general management, sales and marketing in the luxury furniture and fashion industry. He has an international background having lived, worked and studied in several countries in Europe for the past 20 years. In 2012 he moved to the Netherlands for work but he also found love and decided to make Amsterdam his home, from where he travels all over. Strong relational skills, the ability to adapt to and understand a new market and its culture together with his problem solving skills based on an “out of the box” approach are probably Paolo’s most distinctive professional traits. As a leader, he loves dynamic business environments, where he can constantly challenge himself and the team. Motivating, inspiring and team working are not only a must, but also great fun, especially when goals are achieved and celebrated together with a good bottle of wine! Paolo’s passion for wine comes from his childhood when he spent most of the late Puglia summers harvesting grapes in his grandfather’s vineyards. Love for good food is another great passion for Paolo, not only to enjoy in a fine dining restaurant but also to prepare himself sourcing always for the best ingredients. And whenever is possible to catch a good wave he is always ready to jump on the surfboard and ride free in the ocean.