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 Director Business Development

Kristaps karklins

Kristaps Karklins, our Business Development Director, has a degree in Engineering and MBA from University of Latvia, on top of that more than ten years of experience in event marketing working with Live Nation, the world’s largest event promoter. Wine has been a source of many friendships, and an integral part of life: he even discovered his love for running in preparation for the Médoc Marathon. Kristaps has built a loyal audience for his blog focusing primarily on exploration of authentic terroir driven-champagnes and Burgundy wines. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying “house style”, he is looking for a site-expressive wine that reflects the place and strikes a balance in the equation of the producer, terroir and vintage. Joining Crurated has allowed Kristaps to create a space where he can apply his extensive knowledge and curate a selection of some of the most exciting wines produced in France.