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Chief Technology Officer


By passion, even before work, he has been in the IT world for over 20 years. He is curious by nature; in fact, when he received his first PC as a gift, the first thing he did (even before turning it on) was to take it apart to see what it looked like inside.

Born in a small town in the province of Avellino, at a very young age he created one of the first technology blogs in Italy pchs.it in which he tested and reviewed hardware products. Later his blog was acquired by hdblog.it (with which he worked as manager for several years), still the reference blog in Italy for smartphones and all-round technology.

Later he had a long career as a freelancer (both in development and marketing) working mainly for small and medium-sized companies, but sporadically he also did projects with large multinationals.

For a few years he worked as an IT systems engineer in large companies within the Nola interport. In this phase of life he installed servers, firewalls, VoIP switchboards, and managed IT security.

After all these experiences, as project leader in Advise s.r.l., he launched Magazzino Perfetto, a very complex management system still used by multinational logistics companies such as Mailbox etc.

He currently cultivates a passion for artificial intelligence and the fintech (finance and technology) sector, thanks in part to his discovery (back in 2017) of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency world.