How it works


  • Severtal cases available
  • Sealed-offer formar
  • Highest offers win
  • Number of winned depends on the number of cases available

Step 1

Select One or Multiple collections

Step 2

Place your offer(s) equal to or higher than the listing price

Step 3

To maximize your chances of winning, you can make multiple offers on different mixed cases and prioritize your offers by indicating the maximum value you would like to spend for that week on “Collection” offers.


  • One lot available
  • Conventional live auction
  • Opportunity to outbid
  • Number of winner : 1

Step 1

Select your preferred lot and place your bid, equal to or higher than the listing price or current highest bid at the time of the bidding.

Step 2

If outbid, you will receive a notification with the opportunity to place a higher bid. There are no limitations to the number of bids you can make during an active auction.

Step 3

The closing time of each lot will automatically go back to 30 seconds whenever a bid is placed within the last 30 seconds of the lot closing.

Head to

Register as
a member

View and select
your lots

Submit your


The number of batches X available will be allocated to the highest offers X submitted by eligible members.

Depending on the number of cases available, and the number of offers submitted, Curated will give priority based on:

a) The higher membership type and – in case members have the same membership type then –

b) The time of submission

The distribution will be always maximized across users.

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