Once your bottles arrive at Crurated’s warehouse, you can request to ship them and you will be provided with a quote. We support a number of EU and international destinations at competitive market rates. Delivery charges will vary based upon the quantity, value, and final destination of the shipment.

We ship to the countries within the EU, the UK, Switzerland, Norway, USA,  Canada,Hong Kong, Macao, China (Shanghai), Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand. For international destinations, certain restrictions apply in terms of geographical areas & quantities.

If you wish to ship your wines to any of the supported destinations, please log in to your account and select the lots that you would like to ship.

If your desired shipping destination is currently not supported by Crurated, you are entitled to the free unlimited storage with Crurated in our top class bonded warehouse in Burgundy where your wines can age gracefully undisturbed. From there, you can either arrange your own transport working with us on customs solution or build your cellar with us to also later benefit from the Crurated marketplace.

Please note:

– Crurated makes every effort and use all precautions to ensure the safety of the wines against inclement weather conditions, which may cause delays in deliveries during periods of extremely high or low temperatures (no shipments will be allowed between mid-June and mid-September).