How does shipping work at Crurated?

Once your bottles arrive & are processed at the warehouse, you can see the status change of your lots to ‘In The Warehouse’ in the ‘My Cellar’ section. By selecting the lots you’d like to ship, you can start the shipping process. You will be provided with a shipping quote. We support a number of EU and international destinations at competitive market rates. Delivery charges will vary based upon the quantity, value, and final destination of the shipment.


Large volume orders

For large orders (60 bottles+), it is possible to send them with a palletized service. Please contact us at [email protected] with details and we will investigate arranging a special shipment.

Smaller orders

Smaller orders are dispatched express via air or road, depending on the destination. Every bottle is bubble-wrapped and packed with care inside a heavy duty cardboard case.

Original wooden box/special packaging

For small orders, we ship the wine express in special packaging to protect bottles from any possible breakages. If your Crurated Lot comes in the original wooden box (or any other special packaging), we will do our best to ship special packaging to you with your wines separately (either included in the price of shipment or a quote would be provided).

For palletized shipments your wine will be packed in dedicated Crurated cartons except for the lots coming in special packaging (such as original wooden cases).

Destinations supported

European Union :

France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark

International Destinations :

UK, Switzerland, Norway, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand.

For international destinations, certain restrictions apply in terms of geographical areas & quantities.

Expected delivery times *(after payment), working days:

Risorsa 5@4x

Shipping seasons

To ensure that your wine is transported safely and arrives in perfect condition, we’re extremely sensitive to the temperatures in which we ship. Therefore, we generally don’t ship wine with express service during the winter or summer months to avoid damage that can occur from extreme heat or cold.

If temperatures are too cold or too hot to ship, but you’d like to ship your wine immediately, we can look for a window to safely ship your bottles if you sign a temperature waiver, which releases Crurated from any liability should the wine become damaged in transit. Once we’ve received the signed waiver, we will ship your bottles at your convenience, via the method of your choosing.


Your wine is insured against damage related to shipping – theft, breakage and loss. We work with chosen partners which offer the best quality service.