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“The aim of my wines is to describe the great terroir of Champagne in a modern and sharp style, without makeup or mask”


Based in the heart of Avize, Etienne Calsac has quickly become one of the most highly regarded and respected grower-producers in all of Champagne. After taking over three hectares of his grandparents’ vines, Calsac built his domaine from scratch at a very young age. With no equipment, vinification space, or past reserve of family wines to his name, Calsac molded his winery to embody his singular preferences and house style, which focuses on terroir emphasis and the use of a diverse array of grape varieties.


In addition to farming organically, plowing by horse, and implementing the use of cover crops in the vineyard, Calsac often participates in tastings with like-minded vignerons to develop and expand his style, as well as to draw inspiration from others who share a similar passion for the land. Today, Calsac cultivates vines around the Côtes des Blancs and Côte de Sézanne and crafts a lineup of small-batch wines that distinctly reflect the places from which they come. Vinification and aging decisions are unique to each cuvée prior to disgorgement and market release, in order to better tailor and express Etienne’s vision.


What makes Etienne Calsac’s domaine stand out the most is his love for and emphasis on lesser-known varieties in Champagne. In addition to the region’s more popular grapes, Calsac cultivates Arbane, Petit Meslier, and Pinot Blanc – three grapes permitted in the Champagne region, but often overshadowed by the region’s more fashionable varieties. Calsac’s wines are as delicious, textured, and ageworthy as they are unique.