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«This estate should occupy an exceptional position in the wine world, a place where wine lovers and professionals are received with honour. We want them to feel at home here.»

Melissa Bouygues


Montrose’s rich history spans two centuries and three families, each leaving their mark on the estate with a shared pursuit of excellence and the creation of legendary vintages. As pioneers in the Médoc region, they worked diligently to enhance and showcase the unique terroir of Montrose, establishing its esteemed reputation in the world of exceptional wines. Despite economic hardships and world wars, the Charmolüe family maintained ownership until 2006 when Martin and Olivier Bouygues took over. Recognizing the estate’s potential, they invested in its modernization and embarked on a seven-year reconstruction project, blending tradition and innovation.


Today, under the leadership of Melissa Bouygues and Hervé Berland, Montrose benefits from a diverse team of experts who uphold its heritage while nurturing its remarkable terroir. Situated along the Gironde estuary, the vineyard’s gravelly terraces, influenced by the estuary’s presence, create optimal conditions for vine growth, drainage, and microclimatic balance. With meticulous attention to each micro-terroir and a diverse grape variety composition, Montrose crafts wines that reflect the complexity and elegance of this exceptional estate.