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Champagne Geoffroy

“The winemaker is here to help the grapes express the nice personality of the terroir in the bottle.”

Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy

In the realm of Grower Champagne, the Geoffroy name is one of the best. Now spearheaded by fifth-generation Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy, the estate comprises 14 hectares of vines across some of the region’s most sought-after premier cru sites, including Cumières, Damery, and Hautvillers. When traversing the Marne Valley, the Geoffroy family vines are easy to spot amongst their neighbors, as lush vegetation dominates their sustainably-farmed sites.


The Geoffroys have long eschewed the use of chemicals in their vines, and have long used a passion-focused approach in both the vineyards and the cellar. Today, the family’s holdings are dominated by Pinot Noir (42%), with Pinot Meunier (39%) and Chardonnay (19%) rounding out the rest. Geoffroy Champagnes are known for their zesty flavor profiles (wines do not undergo malolactic fermentation) and balanced structures, both of which play into their long aging potentials in the cellar.

May 23 , 2021