Poggio di Sotto

“A winemaker’s close relationship with the vines translates into what you drink in the glass. It is the thread that stems from the soil to reach our hearts.”

Claudio Tipa
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Located just outside of the town of Castelnuovo dell’Abate, Poggio di Sotto is one of Montalcino’s crown jewel estates. Established in 1989 by Piero Palmucci, and spearheaded by the talented Claudio Tipa of ColleMassari and Grattamacco and his winemaking team since 2011, the winery is a true benchmark producer for world-class Sangiovese – and has soared to astounding heights since its early founding days.


Poggio di Sotto always had a dynamic vision for Sangiovese long before the world fame it boasts today. During the 1980s, Palmucci spent years discovering the various soil types and terroirs of Montalcino, and sought out expert advice from seasoned local growers. This journey led him to what is now the Poggio di Sotto property. Simultaneously, Palmucci together with Sangiovese guru Giulio Gambelli also worked alongside the University of Milan to seek out the Sangiovese clones that would best thrive in the local hillsides of Montalcino. Needless to say, their efforts paid off. 


Over the past decade, the efforts at Poggio di Sotto have been carried on by Doctor Claudio Tipa, who invested countless years in similar research centered on soil types and clonal diversity. Today, under Tipa’s oversight together with his extraordinary team of enologists and agronomists, Poggio di Sotto houses a nursery where regular studies are made on biodiversity, microbial activity in soils, and beyond. Within said vineyards, every fifth vine represents a different clone, so as to maintain the necessary biodiversity to adapt to the changing conditions of the world. 


Tipa’s meticulous attention to detail in his studies naturally carried over to the vineyard and cellar. Poggio di Sotto’s vines have long cultivated using organic principles, and a classic, attentive vinification style was established in the cellar. The estate’s parcels are cultivated at high altitudes above the Orcia River Valley and are rooted into marl soils laden with decomposed shells. The area’s cool climate conditions allow fruit to optimally ripen yet maintain their acidity.


Today, Poggio di Sotto has achieved global renown, also thanks to the continuation and further improvements made under its new ownership. Every aspect of production respects the soul of the vineyard and the heart of the winery – no details are lost along the way. Poggio di Sotto’s signature style is powerful yet elegant. Wines are known for their sophisticated flavor profiles, balance, and ability to withstand long periods of time in the cellar. 

Collection launches March 7, 2022