Pierre Péters

"In the long run, the greatest terroirs are stronger than the best winemakers."

Rodolphe Péters

Six-generation Pierre Péters is one of the finest domaines in the grand cru village of Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, known for precise and tightly mineral chardonnay. Rodolphe Péters took over from his father in 2008, and has since helped shape the estate’s name around the globe. The grower-producer, who picks grapes from 20 hectares of beautiful vines growing in stark-white chalk, ferments in stainless steel tanks, so these champagnes reflect the specificity of Le Mesnil’s calcareous terroir. Instead of using clones, they replant vines using a massal selection method, ensuring the newest plants are off-shoots taken from cuttings of the estate’s best selected vine-plants from two historic parcels. As a result, this contributes to maintaining a consistent genetic identity and offers a reflection of terroir in the wine. “We don’t impose our style to the wines through winemaking; instead, we allow our champagnes to express their own natural qualities. Le Mesnil gives our wine a strong touch of salinity,” says Péters. Some of Champagne’s most complex and long-lived blanc de blancs are coming from this Côte des Blancs estate. “The best champagnes from Le Mesnil can age an incredible amount of time and, throughout their lifecycle, are truly representative of the terroir,” adds Péters.

Cuvée de Réserve relies on a historic blend that dates back to 1988 and is annually complemented with wine from the latest harvest. Some of the more renowned cuvées include the pure, mineral-driven Les Chétillons, Les Montjolys, the complex, multi-vintage L’Étonnant Monsieur Victor, the extraordinary Heritage, and the rare Œnothèque releases.

collection is available August 1 & september 20, 2021