We all remember that first bottle that made us fall in love with wine. Crurated was born out of the desire to pursue and relive this exciting feeling, one bottle after the next. Over pizza and wine at a tiny trattoria in Florence, friends started thinking of new ways they could continue discovering and filling their cellars with their favorite wines.

By bridging the gap between collectors and their favorite producers, and making bottles more accessible to wine lovers, Crurated has set out to create a new kind of a wine circle. ​


We believe that every bottle is worth celebrating – that’s at the core of Crurated. For us, wine is a way to connect with old friends and new.  We want to be there for every step of your journey, from the moment you encounter new producers until the time you decide to share your bottles around the dinner table.  

With our cutting-edge technology making the purchasing process as seamless as possible, you can rest assured your wines will arrive in perfect condition when you’re ready to open them.


The Crurated concept was born in Burgundy, but our roots are spreading rapidly to other great wine regions across the globe. 

Wine unites our international team, whose backgrounds range from viticulture to technology and fashion. This common passion has led us to build a new home where we can connect, collect and celebrate. We’re here to welcome you with good wine and good company.  We can’t wait for you to join our family!