Crurated currently offers three types of membership opportunities: Connoisseur, Collector and Ambassador. Explore our membership options and select the one that best fits your interests. Once you have decided, complete the form and you will receive an email confirmation of your membership enrollment.

No. Only members are eligible to participate in the auctions.

If you have already enrolled as a member, you can simply click on ‘Forgot My Password’ on the Sign-Up section and enter your registered email address. You will automatically receive a new password with steps to set up a new password.  

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If you have a winning offer, you will receive an email confirmation.  You may sign in to your account to view your virtual cellar and track your wine. Once your wines arrive in our bonded warehouse, you will see the status updated in your virtual cellar and you may choose to keep them in our warehouse with your complimentary storage account or arrange for their shipment at any time.

If your desired shipping destination is currently not supported by Crurated, you are entitled to the free unlimited storage with Curated in our top-class bonded warehouse in Burgundy where your wines can age gracefully and undisturbed. From there, you can either arrange your own transport by working with our customer service on the customized solution or build your cellar with us in order to later benefit from the Crurated marketplace.