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  /    /  Winemaker dinner DOMAINE PIERRE GIRARDIN
Crurated is pleased to announce this amazing Winemaker dinner with Domaine Pierre Girardin, at Legacy Records in New York on the 17th of May.
For this special occasion we are going to travel with the company of the talented Pierre-Vincent Girardin to the sparkling restaurant guided by the hands of chef Ryan Hardy.
“Coming up with new ideas and constantly tapping into my creativity is what really motivates me. Feeling challenged creatively every day is what I love and what keeps me going.” chef Ryan Hardy.
Across an amazing five courses dinner we are going to attend the encounter of a funky and sparkling cuisine with the 13th generation of PVG. Pierre-Vincent Girardin, a marvelous producer in the Côte de Beaune region. He was immediately recognized as a rising star from his very first vintage. He highlights the terroir with minimal influences from what is not in the vineyards, barrels wood included.
Wine line-up:
. Louis Roederer Cristal 2012
. Norvaux 2021 magnums
. Pucelles 2018 magnums
. Corton Charlemagne 2021 magnums
. Batard-Montrachet 2020 magnums
. Rugiens 2021 magnums
. Suchots 2020 magnums
. Echezeaux 2019 magnums