Château Troplong Mondot

Situated on the highest point in the Saint-Émilion region, overlooking the eponymous UNESCO village, Château Troplong Mondot is home to a complex terroir of flint and clay that produces a powerful and balanced wine with incredible aromas. The vineyard dates back to 1700, and the 18th-century château belonged to the de Sèze family until it was acquired by wine merchant Julien Troplong, who added his name to the château’s in 1832. The estate stayed in the Troplong  family for another 200 years until 1934, when it was taken over by the Valette family. In 2006, Troplong Mondot was classified a Fifth Growth in the Saint-Emilion ranking, making it one of just 18 among the thousands of châteaux in Saint-Émilion. Today, Troplong Mondot is one of the leading biodiverse wine estates, with the importance of ‘a sense of place’, thanks to the work that has been taking place in the vines over the past several decades. The estate also has projects on the horizon for a permaculture garden and energy management as part of its plan to continue the philosophy of working with the land.

Collection launches June 14, 2021