Château palmer

While the estate was officially established in the 17th century, Château Palmer didn’t receive its name until 1814, when it was acquired by British Major General Charles Palmer. Ranked among the classified growths of 1855, Château Palmer is one of the top estates in the appellation of Margaux, known for creating wines that are delicate and powerful at the same time and boast a signature velvety texture. The 66-hectare estate features a mosaic of gravelly soil and grassy rows overlooking the Gironde estuary that are planted with equal parts Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon and a sprinkling of Petit Verdot. In 2004, Thomas Duroux, a professional agronomist and œnologist experienced in wineries around the world (Italy, South Africa, Hungary) and native to Bordeaux, was placed at the head of Château Palmer. He was later joined by Sabrina Pernet, as technical director, whose farming community background combined with oenology and agricultural engineering studies contributed to bringing back the Château to an agricultural estate. Château Palmer first started experimenting with biodynamics in 2008 and has since strived to recreate a living agricultural organism by creating a balance between the plants, animals and people living and working in the vines. Today, the estate no longer uses agrochemicals, and instead, grazing sheep and a diveristy of flowers and plants with healing properties can be found throughout the vineyard.

Collection launches June 14, 2021