Bérêche et Fils

"You don't have to think about Bérêche; when you taste our wine, you have to think about the soil. "

Raphaël Bérêche
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Brothers Raphaël and Vincent have helped transform the domaine into one of Champagne’s most lauded houses. Since they have been ploughing the soil already for 20 years, malolactic fermentation never starts at their cool cellars in Ludes, in Montagne de Reims, so the champagnes retain their bright acidity. Raphaël and Vincent work with oak so masterfully that it never overpowers their terroir-first approach. “When you work in a great terroir with healthy vines and pick ripe grapes, nature is the true master. I trust the soil even more than myself,” says Raphaël. The Bérêche brothers age their premier cru and grand cru champagnes in the bottle under regular cork instead of a widely used crown cap, which adds to the wine’s complexity. The top champagnes include highly revered cuvées like Le Cran, Reflet d’Antan, Campania Remensis Rosé, Ambonnay and Mailly-Champagne. For the first time, Les Beaux Regards, one of the region’s most coveted blanc de blancs, is available in magnum format, which offers additional complexity while preserving its youthful freshness in coming years.

Collection launches 23 August, 2021